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Profile Ashraf Booley

Member of Faculty

Senior lecturer

University of the Western Cape

Dr Ashraf Booley  


Research niche/s


Islamic Law, Succession Law, Family Law, Procedural Law

Bio in brief

Ashraf Booley is a senior lecturer in the Department of Private Law at UWC. His research centres on the constitutionally based rights and freedoms of women in Islam, including a comparative analysis of the various religious codifications of Muslim personal law in legal systems in Africa with a particular focus on North Africa.

He has presented specialised lectures in International Humanitarian Law and Gender Equality and Women’s Rights at Masters’ level. His doctoral thesis is titled “Women’s Rights and Freedoms in Islamic Jurisprudence pertaining to Marriage and Divorce: Lessons for South Africa from Morocco and Tunisia”. He has published widely and presented numerous papers on the rights of women in Islam. His scholarship is exemplified by a critical comparative engagement with the constitutional work undertaken in Morocco and Tunisia following the Arab spring, with specific reference to the South African legal and constitutional contexts.

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