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New Benjamin

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Extraordinary Professor

University of Western Cape

Prof Paul Benjamin  


Research niche/s

Coordinator – Labour Law 4.0 niche |


Labour Regulations

Bio in brief

He is a practising attorney and Director of Cheadle Thompson and Haysom Inc and an Extraordinary Professor at the University of the Western Cape where he forms part of the Labour Law 4.0 niche area. He has previously held professorial positions at both UCT and Wits University. Paul has worked closely with the independent trade union movement and was involved in some of the central events in South African labour history, including the 1987 mineworkers’ strike. He has played a major role in shaping the post-apartheid labour law framework drafting a number of statutes. He works closely with the CCMA and has been involved in designing its rules and procedures. He has undertaken a number of projects for the International Labour Organisation and has represented both organized labour and government on ILO committees. Other areas in which he has worked include occupational health and safety, employment equity, skills development, public law and environmental law.

Paul has been an acting judge of the Labour Court on several occasions and has written widely on labour law in international and local publications.