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New Swartz

Member of Faculty

Administrator HR and Finance

University of Western Cape

Annalize Swartz  


Research niche/s

Administrator – Labour Law 4.0 niche |


Bio in brief

During her professional career, she has developed a passion for working with the public as she worked with non-profit organisations. Her experience stretches further where she has worked with several Publishers, doing typesetting of Discussion Papers, brochures, biographical books for NGO clients, amongst which are Wits University Press, the Brenthurst Foundation, the Centre for Enterprise and Development, SAIIA, and others. This experience has resulted in Annalize having a keen eye for detail and a strong work ethic. Since early in her professional career she has worked at several financial institutions, including Barclays Bank, Wesbank and First National Bank including a temporary position with a small accountancy firm. Furthermore, she has held several positions as Personal Assistant, amongst which are ESKOM Line Transmission, Mondi Paper Exports and a Financial Advisor at First National Bank. She explored the Education sector where she was trained to teach children with Autism. Additionally, she was employed as a temporary Monitor, assisting Grade 1–7 learners in a Learning Centre.

Being the owner of several small businesses has given Annalize the ability to manage staff and important business components. She has extensive experience in high-level administrative and supportive functions and the ability to provide practical solutions to problems.

Her formal education has included a diploma in Theology, THRASS (teaching reading, writing and spelling skills), Bookkeeping, Administration, (current: Business Management). This has proved to be valuable in her position as Office Manager at the Social Law Project, where she has gained much experience with the University administrative systems.


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