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FORUM CONTRIBUTION: Be careful what you wish for?

Volume: Special Issue 2007

Article type: Forum contribution

Author/s: Ronnie, Roger

Roger Ronnie draws a balance sheet of the position of the trade union movement today. While analysing trade unions as organisations dealing with more than simply wages and employment conditions, the author also considers their political limitations and assesses the gains and losses flowing from the 1995 LRA from a trade union perspective.

In particular, the advent and growing entrenchment of 'trade union legalism' within South Africa's capitalist system is highlighted. The article concludes by making recommendations on how trade unions can try to avoid these pitfalls and promote the rights of workers more effectively.

About the author/s

Roger Ronnie

Roger Ronnie is a researcher and facilitator with the Social Law Project (SLP), situated in the Law Faculty at the University of the Western Cape.

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