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Globalisation, the World Trade Organisation and the implications for developing countries

Volume: Volume 3(1) - 1999

Article type: Refereed article

Author/s: Keet, Dot

Dot Keet takes an in-depth and critical look at globalised trade liberalisation and its influences on economic development in developing countries. She criticises the abuse of the GATT/WTO rules-based system by developed countries.

She is particularly disillusioned by the systematic marginalisation of less and least-developed countries resulting from the exploitation of their lack of expertise in making effective use of the 'more favourable treatment" measures available to them. She questions the viability and legitimacy of the WTO multilateral agreements from a developing country's perspective and calls for a new, fully-fledged, multi-sectoral negotiating round to address the deficiencies of the Uruguay Round.

About the author/s

Dot Keet

Senior researcher, Centre for Southern African Studies, School of Government, University of the Western Cape

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