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The CENTROW website - Promoting the sharing of knowledge and co-operation

Published: 11 March 2021 | Written by Roger Ronnie

The Centre for the Transformative Regulation of Work (CENTROW) was established as a knowledge hub positioned to contribute to shaping policy and legislation on the future of work in South Africa. It came into existence at the same time as the University was busy overhauling its website. This provided a perfect opportunity to get the CENTROW website up and running. The idea is to provide a ‘reading list’ or one-stop resource for scholars engaged in research on workplace change and regulation in a changing world of work. So, if you are looking for information on a topic for an article, essay, project or seminar, use the databases on our website to look for material on your subject of interest. You should find references or links to reliable, published information, including legislation, court judgments and full-text articles. In most cases a summary or an abstract of the resource is provided, enabling you to determine whether it will be useful to your or research.

One aim of CENTROW, and by extension its website, is to promote the sharing of knowledge and cooperation – especially in the form of joint research – with colleagues with similar interests in South Africa and internationally. We do so from the perspective of a developing country, to contribute to the regeneration of South African labour law in ways that will promote the creation of new work and employment opportunities and the reduction of inequality inherited from a colonial past.  The web site highlights our engagement with these challenges, and provides visitors with news, blogs, listings of our publications, and external resources.

Since CENTROW’s website is hosted by the university, the content on the website can be trusted. We have attempted to ensure that the website is well structured and easy to navigate, but any suggestions for improvement are welcome. This will help to make it a truly communal resource for all those engaged in this specialised but vitally important area of legal research. Submission of new material is also welcome. The more the site gets updated, with ever-more relevant content, the better it will be able to achieve our common goals.

To find out more about CENTROW and the work we do, join us as we formally launch CENTROW on 23 March 2021. The launch webinar will give insight into CENTROW’s approach and some fundamental issues which it will address. Click here to register for the launch webinar.

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About the author: Roger Ronnie is a researcher and facilitator with the Social Law Project (SLP), situated in the Law Faculty at the University of the Western Cape. Read more