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Publication is the heart and soul of scholarly research. This section highlights work that members of the UWC Faculty of Law are publishing in the global environmental law niche. Many the publications are in peer-reviewed journals or chapters in edited volumes; others are books, project reports or media articles. All reflect the breadth and depth of our social and intellectual engagement. 

We share this growing collection of publication links, abstracts, excerpts and, where possible, full-text documents, for the benefit of scholars, researchers, jurists, practitioners, students, activists, policy-makers and -shapers, and the general public.

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Featured publication: Animal welfare and international environmental law

Books and chapters

Scholtz, Werner (ed) (2019). Animal Welfare and International Environmental Law: From Conservation to Compassion . (Edward Elgar)

At a time when the planet’s wildlife faces countless dangers, international environmental law continues to overlook its evolving welfare interests. This book provides a crucial exploration of how international environmental law must adapt to take account of the growing recognition of the intrinsic value of wildlife.

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